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What is the issue?

Before Nettprotect

The most effective way to protect against exposure to vulnerabilities is to develop intelligence around your assets via assessment and to harden these systems to minimise your attack landscape.

With Nettprotect

To achieve this objective, the NettProtect team are able to deliver both managed and unmanaged vulnerability assessment services. These services provide insight into the kind of vulnerabilities your organisation is exposed to and develops a platform for mitigation and/or remediation of these risks.

What does NettProtect do?

The adoption of vulnerability assessment services is increasing. Even so, there is still a sense of uncertainty of where to go for the right services. So who do you partner with? Choosing the right security partner should never carry the same stress as having to deal with a security breach.

Vulnerability assessments usually offer a brief snapshot of what your vulnerability exposure is. The problem however, is that vulnerability assessments are never a complete picture, they only present a partial view into your exposure.

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