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Webinar: Get the security solution that never rests
New tech = new attack vectors. The Internet of Things (IoT) and adoption of hybrid-cloud technologies are enabling organizations to produce more, at higher quality with greater speed. Unfortunately, criminals are responding to this shift with adapted forms of attacks, such as botnets, polymorphic malware, and file-less attacks. Managed detection and response capabilities from Microsoft and BUI can help with end-to-end surveillance. Microsoft’s advanced capabilities paired with BUI’s industry-leading experience will help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.


BUI Podcasts

Tech Talk with Terryanne aired weekly on South Africa’s GoldFM 104.3 radio station. The podcasts, hosted by BUI Cyber MXDR Team Lead Terryanne du Toit, tackled a wide range of technology topics, trends, and talking points. Listen to the recordings to learn more.

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