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Providing proactive strategies to enhance data security

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialization in recognition of our elite capabilities in the deployment of Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection workloads, as well as our expertise in enhancing data security for customers.

The Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialization is our ninth advanced specialization from Microsoft, and our fourth such premier accreditation in the security category, which includes Cloud SecurityIdentity and Access Management, and Threat Protection.

With the exponential growth of data, and increasing data mobility in modern workplaces around the world, more and more customers are looking for trusted partners to help them implement effective information-protection solutions, says Managing Director Ryan Roseveare.

“Data security and compliance are major concerns for business leaders,” explains Roseveare. “They need to manage their data properly, mitigate internal and external risks, and adhere to the rules and regulations that are applicable to their enterprises. They also need to be proactive at every turn, because the threat landscape is changing faster than ever.”

An era of data mobility

In recent years, privacy laws like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, California’s Privacy Rights Act, South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act, and Kenya’s Data Protection Act have put information management in the spotlight.

“Organisations are re-examining their practices in terms of data processing and data protection,” continues Roseveare. “Not only because of the legal requirements, but also because of the security risks associated with undiscovered, ungoverned data. IT experts with the deep technical knowledge and experience to guide customers through digital adoption, and enhance their information-protection solutions for this era of data mobility, are in global demand.”

To earn the Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialization, BUI had to meet stringent criteria around service delivery and support, and pass a rigorous assessment of its security and governance technical practices. “Our teams are committed to advancing their skills and abilities, and this recognition from Microsoft is a welcome validation of our focus, our continuous investment in security, and our value-driven approach to customer relationships,” says Roseveare.

BUI, named Azure Infrastructure Partner of the Year and Security Partner of the Year at the 2021 Microsoft South Africa Partner Awards last month, is a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. “As cloud and security specialists, we’re delivering innovative data-protection solutions that enable customers to locate, classify, manage and secure their sensitive information wherever it lives, and wherever it travels. We look forward to new opportunities to help businesses govern and protect their data estates,” concludes Roseveare.

Keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

A comprehensive information protection and governance strategy can help you to safeguard business data, and identify internal and external risks.

Talk to our specialists about customised security solutions to keep your data secure on devices, within applications, and across on-prem and cloud environments.