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Nettprotect Platform

The Nettprotect Platform gives you a continuous view of your global security posture with visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside.
Security Vulnerability Assessment

Discover forgotten devices and organize your Host Assets

With Nettprotect, you can quickly determine what’s actually running in the different parts of your network—from your perimeter and corporate network to virtualized machines and cloud services such as Microsoft and Amazon. Uncover unexpected access points, web servers and other devices that can leave your network open to attack. The software service is professionally managed 24/7/365 in our world-class datacenters.


Scan for Vulnerabilities accurately, efficiently and throughout your IT Environment.

Your perimeter, your internal network, and cloud environments. Since Nettprotect separates scanning from reporting, you can scan and create custom reports to the level of detail required

  • Select target hosts by IP address
  • Vulnerability Scans are scheduled
  • Scan behind your firewall securely with our Appliance Scanners, remotely managed by Nettprotect 24/7/365
  • Scan complex internal networks
  • Securely use authentication credentials to perform a deep scan on each host
  • Scan your public cloud environment
  • We store vulnerability information offsite with secure audit trails
Identify and prioritize risks

Using Nettprotect, you can identify your highest IT business risks.

  • Track vulnerabilities over time: as they appear, are resolved or reappear in your IT environment
  • Monitor certificates deployed throughout your network—both internal and external and with Nettprotect document which are about to expire, on which hosts they are used on, what are their key sizes, and whether or not they are associated with any vulnerabilities
  • Examine your network’s vulnerabilities over time, at different levels of detail, instead of just single snapshots
Remediate Vulnerability

Nettprotect’s ability to track vulnerability data across hosts and time lets you use reports to better understand the security of your network. Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled automatically and then shared with the appropriate recipients via email custom branded PDFs.

  • Get consolidated reports of which hosts need which patches
  • Manage exceptions when a vulnerability might be riskier to fix than to leave alone

Reports anytime, anywhere – without rescanning

NettProtect’ ability to track vulnerability data across hosts and time lets you use reports to better understand the security of your network.

Nettprotect has a library of built-in reports allowing you to report without having to rescan. Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled automatically and then shared with the appropriate recipients online, in PDF.

  • Provide context & insight about each vulnerability, including trends, predictions, and potential solutions
  • Track ongoing progress against vulnerability management objectives
Security Vulnerability Assessment
Accountability for controls

Developed and validated in-house by Nettprotect security experts

Nettprotect Security Vulnerability Assessment controls are developed and validated in-house by Nettprotect security experts. Nettprotect Security Vulnerability Assessment can be used in IT environments of any size, from small ones to the largest.

Remote scanning and auto-discovery of instances

Agentless data collection

Nettprotect Vulnerability assessments provides agentless data collection, allowing customers to better safeguard global endpoints, on-premises and cloud assets against today’s evolving cyber threats. Security vulnerability Assessment also lets organizations integrate security best practices with their DevSecOps environments.


Reports anytime, anywhere – without rescanning

Security Vulnerability Assessment automatically emails downloadable reports of vulnerability for security best practises. This brings full circle Nettprotect Security Vulnerability Assessment’s automation of security best practices behind leading benchmarks, enabling a proactive approach towards digital business security.

Continuous Monitoring
Real time alerts about network irregularities

Identifying threats and monitoring unexpected infrastructure changes before they turn into breaches

  • Works with Nettprotect Vulnerability Management
    Continuous Monitoring works in tandem with VM so that, from our single console, we can discover hosts and digital certificates, organize assets by business or technology function and be alerted as soon as vulnerabilities appear in your environment. With Continuous Monitoring, you can identify and proactively address potential problems.
  • Global monitoring
    Continuous Monitoring lets you see your perimeter the way hackers do — directly from the Internet — and acts as a Sentry in the cloud, constantly watching your network for changes that could put you at risk. Continuous Monitoring automates monitoring of your global perimeter, tracking systems in your global network, wherever they are.
  • Immediate insights
    The reports display your network’s big-picture status at a glance. 

A holistic approach to information security

The deep integration between NettProtect Continuous Monitoring and NettProtect Vulnerability Management generates a holistic approach to information security in which you continuously identify and proactively address potential problems, instead of waiting to respond to incidents.


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