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Security Advisory | Zoom Video-Conferencing Software

Security Alert

Security Researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in Zoom’s video-conferencing software to compromise online meetings, which are currently being exploited.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan says the company is working to address privacy and security concerns, but cyber experts and government agencies have already raised the alarm regarding:

  • Zoom bombing, where meetings are hijacked by external parties who bomb users with pornography, profanity, and hate speech
  • Security bugs, including a vulnerability that allows attackers to steal Windows login credentials from other users
  • Privacy issues, amid reports that American legislators are looking into Zoom’s data-management practices.

In response, many organisations have strongly discouraged the use of Zoom, or banned the software altogether.

Likewise, we do not recommend your business use Zoom until these vulnerabilities are patched


Rather use Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s powerful communication tool is your best option for secure online video-conferencing. If you don’t already have Teams as part of your Microsoft licensing package, the free version is available now. Learn more.

Get the Zoom For Teams add-on. If you’re required to participate in an external Zoom meeting, then use this app to do so from within your Microsoft Teams environment, with full control over your conference participation.

BUI is fully operational during the COVID-19 lockdown period and our specialists are available to help you make the most of Microsoft Teams. Contact us today.

BUI is an official Microsoft Partner in South Africa, and an award-winning leader in identity and security solutions.

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