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The days of selling standalone software products are long gone. Enterprise customers need software customized to integrate into their systems. That is why we created bespoke and niche cloud and security solution that is built on top of Microsoft Technology and sold to customers as a turnkey solution.




Cloud Discovery

BUI’s Cloud Discovery Offering is an affordable and structured engagement, consisting of workshops to determine whether your people, environment and systems are cloud ready.

Cloud Discovery offering comprises various sessions that focus on the business, technical, and system requirements, using a structured framework that guides conversations across three key areas: people, technology and processes, and the impact that moving to the cloud will have on your business.

Engaging in a Cloud Discovery Workshop with BUI provides IT Strategists with the assurance they need with a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy.

All aspects of your business and potential cloud solutions are explored, analysed, and a final cloud strategy and roadmap are defined.

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