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Tigerbrands Runs SQL And Web App In Azure With Backup And DR
Achieving the realization of brand sites provisioned via a consolidated Azure SQL and Web App platform


Azure PaaS Azure SQL and Web Apps


Tiger Brands



What We Did

Cloud Adoption, Backup and Recovery, Monitoring
Business Challenge
Tigerbrands owns various different brands within Southern Africa. Some of these include Koo, AllGold and Enterprise. Tigerbrands needs to manage a website for each brand independent of each other. This resulted in having different application stacks for each brand, i.e. a separate front-end, application and data stack. In addition, content updates were a tedious task as it meant having different toolsets in some instances to make content changes. Tigerbrands needed to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs and looked to consolidate all web sites onto one platform that was elastic in nature and predictable in cost. The objective of the project was to implement the Sitecore production environment using Azure PaaS, specifically the Azure SQL and Web App components while maintaining security.
Project Outcome
Tigerbrands achieved the realization of brand sites provisioned via a consolidated Azure SQL and Web App platform
Implementation A secure implementation of the Sitecore CMS infrastructure in Azure. Backup and DR Utilize Azure backup and disaster recovery. Azure Design An Azure design that caters for failure in a single Azure zone. New Solution Design the Azure solution keeping in mind that additional servers may be migrated to Azure in the future.
Using Microsoft Technologies Tigerbrands was able to
• ReducedCAPEX and OPEX achieved by the use of Azure PaaS components, Azure SQL and Web Apps • Seamlesscontent updates via DevOps for all websites • Scalabletechnology that allows Tigerbrands to choose an infrastructure design within budged and aligned to functionally and performance • Ahighly secure environment protected with an Azure WAF (Web Application Firewall) • Reduced admin overhead, no need to patch and maintain multiple VMs for the different brands.
Looking to the Future
This was Tigerbrands first exposure to Azure PaaS. There are no other Azure deployments at Tigerbrands . For this to be the first deployment which was a significantly complex deployment, showcased the extreme versality of Azure for Tigerbrands . Given the success here Tigerbrands are likely to engage in other Azure journeys with BUI.

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