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Extending the Conlog Infrastructure into Azure
BUI built a 3-year Hybrid Cloud Adoption plan


Conlog Cloud Adoption




What We Did

Cloud Adoption, Backup and Recovery, Monitoring
Business Challenge
Since their inception in 1965, Conlog has been driven by the idea of using innovation and technology to provide viable solutions for everyday challenges. Their reign as leaders in the industry can be attributed to their ability to adapt in accordance with the everchanging market. For over 20 years Conlog has been pioneers in prepaid solutions, building a network that exists over 4 continents in 20 countries, with 70 utilities use the company’s metering solutions. Several business concerns were also brought to the attention of BUI, these included high hosting costs, a cumbersome backup and recovery strategy, limited monitoring, inability to automate, inadequate development environment and the lack of efficiency when creating development / UAT / validation environments. To tackle these challenges, Conlog was seeking a long-term partner and trusted advisor who understood their business needs, had the technical capability and was strategically invested. BUI, addressed Conlog’s needs through solutions and services from their a2zManaged Cloud Adoption Practices.
Project Outcome
Backups Azure backup and recovery for on-premises and cloud workloads into Azure Vault. Monitoring Continuous monitoring and metering with automated alerting and ticketing. Management Patch automation and management.
A symbiotic relationship of this quality would be unfortunate to lose, and so the collaboration continues.
Both BUI and Conlog, using Microsoft technology, continue to push forward in pursuit of a platform that allows customers to fully consume the Conlog product as a cloud service, including revenue management systems for personal, corporate or government use, that can order and provision meters.

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