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ExiPay and BUI: Pushing the boundaries of cloud technology together
ExiPay is growing fast and looks set to transform the world of digital payments. And BUI will walk with them every step of the way as they explore the endless possibilities of cloud technology together.


ExiPay and BUI: Pushing the boundaries of cloud technology together


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Providing expert support, backed by BUI Service Desk, Expert MSP and Network Operations teams, ensuring ExiPay is always on, and always available.
What does ExiPay do?

ExiPay is all about making electronic payments easier for payment service providers (PSPs). Every time you swipe your credit card or make a QR Code or SoftPos payment you’re kicking off a complex dance – known as a switch – between a whole host of players, including the merchant, the bank that issued your card, the bank that is acquiring the payment and the PSP. A challenge of innovating in this space is that old (legacy) processing systems often can’t keep up with the ever-changing payment landscape, and banks often don’t have the staff to attempt new things.

This is where ExiPay comes in by providing an agility tier between payment service providers and legacy processing systems. “The key concept here is tender agnostic payments: the ability to accept payments of any kind,” explains Derek Keats, one of the firm’s co-founders and group head of compliance. “We design technology that can interface with traditional switching systems to provide modern capabilities in front of them. In other words, we protect legacy systems and the organisations that use them from the threat of disruption.”

In the past PSPs had to set up call centres to handle switching problems. But ExiPay can “do the work of 100 call centre agents with two people,” says Derek. “Humans are only needed in call centres when things aren’t operating efficiently. When you have visibility into systems and controllability of these systems, you solve problems before a phone call hits a call centre. Complaints are a legacy from a previous world.”
Why ExiPay approached BUI

As BUI account manager Thys Janse van Rensburg explains, ExiPay is not a typical client: “Many of our clients come to us to modernize their security and move workloads to the cloud. But ExiPay was already 100% cloud-based and many years ahead in automation and advanced cloud services.”

That said, bringing BUI on board still made a lot of sense. “We know what we are good at,” says Derek. “We can invent (make stuff) and help our clients to innovate (make change) when doing what we do best. We leave the rest to BUI. When they grow, we grow. And vice versa.” (To find out more about how ExiPay helps clients to innovate, watch this video.)
What BUI does for ExiPay

While ExiPay didn’t need help moving processes to the cloud, “BUI was the partner we needed to come into the Microsoft world,” says Derek. BUI provides the expert support, backed by BUI Service Desk, Expert MSP and Network Operations teams to ensure ExiPay is always on, and always available.

As Thys puts it, only half-jokingly: “You need a degree to understand how to phone Microsoft.” And BUI – which was recently crowned the 2023 Microsoft South Africa Partner of the Year – has a PhD in the subject. “Microsoft is a platform that we don’t have to worry about,” adds Derek. “Thanks to BUI we can go to the next level and innovate.”

In some regions, where cloud-based payment hardware security modules (HSMs) are not available, ExiPay needed to provide HSMs in local data centers. ExiPay approached BUI to assist with the on-ground support – even though this was not something within their normal expertise. “We love working with a business that can think out of the box and take on new things to help a growing business that’s also doing new things,” enthuses Derek.
Spurring each other on to greater heights

Everything ExiPay does is cloud based. Their zero-trust security model is designed for PCI DSS from the ground up. “We are 100% cloud native, with no physical systems,” says Carel van Heerden , ExiPay’s Chief Operations Officer. “We don’t worry about system updates because we build and destroy our cloud footprint every 2-4 weeks.” He adds: “We’re trying to enable our clients to build their own innovations. And this is all sits on top of the services that BUI provides.”

Working with such a fast-paced innovator that leverages per second advances in cloud technology is, in many ways, a dream gig for Thys. BUI prides itself on being at the vanguard of the cloud revolution and the partnership with ExiPay gives them a chance to walk the talk every day. In addition to acting as a Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP), BUI assists ExiPay in managing their cloud optimization, security posture and, very importantly, spend. “ExiPay’s business is based on continuous availability and optimal performance of cloud resources,” says Thys. “And BUI makes sure they always have both of these things.”
Watch this space

ExiPay is a young business that looks set to transform the world of payments. BUI is thrilled to be their Microsoft partner and the companies look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the years and decades to come. As Thys puts it, “it’s fantastic to reflect that our relationship with ExiPay is not based on purely break-and-fix, but on strategic partnership, enablement and a willingness to tackle new challenges. It’s nice to say we didn’t need to fix stuff; we partnered with them on capabilities. I’m really looking forward to continuing to push the limits of what technology can do.”

Derek is similarly enthusiastic: “We are heading toward being cloud agnostic as demanded by our clients. But from what I’ve seen Azure has the right facilities and enough flexibility to enable us to build an innovative business. From a capability perspective, we will never need to leave Azure,” he says, before adding: “Azure is our preferred cloud partner and BUI is our preferred Azure enabler.”

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